FAQ EZ Refill


What is an EZ Refill?

EZ Refill is our subscription program that allows you to set up an automatic shipment each month. 

Why EZ Refill? 

- Customize - You choose the products and the day of the month that your order is processed and shipped.

- Automatic - We’ll send your order right to your house every month, just like clockwork.

- Free Shipping - For EZ Refill orders over $100

How do I set up an EZ Refill?

Follow these instructions:

  1. Log In - Sign into your account or register a new account (Menu =>My Account => Register)

  2. Add products to your EZ Refill cart - Below every desired product, click on the blue button labeled “Add to EZ Refill.”

  3. Go to your EZ Refill shopping cart - On the Menu bar (Menu => Your Name => EZ Refill) 

  4. Confirm your order is correct, Select Process Date and Preferred Shipping Method. 

  5. Add Billing Info - Click on “Update Billing/Shipping Information” to enter in your shipping address and credit card information. Click “Save” when complete, then click “Return to EZ Refill”

  6. Activate your EZ Refill by clicking “Activate My EZ Refill”

What if I need to update my EZ Refill settings?

While logged in, go to your EZ Refill cart to make any changes you want (Menu => Your Name => EZ Refill)

What if I want to cancel future EZ Refill orders?

While logged in, go to your EZ Refill cart and click on the “Turn off my EZ Refill” button to deactivate your EZ Refill account. (Menu => Your Name => EZ Refill)